in the market
of Ukraine


1990 – Private company VAMP was oficially registered in Cherkasy; in 1994 it was reorganised into Limited Liability Company VAMP, and in 1995 we began to manufacture products under VAMP brand.

1998 – The company purchased equipment to manufacture original HDPE packaging. The best designers and technologists of the company keep working to improve the design and ergonomics of the bottles.

2000 – We started the construction of the plant in Cherkassy to produce and package antifreezes, brake fluids, engine oils.

2002 – The company became the official supplier of VAMP production to the mainline of “Auto ZAZ-DAEWOO” thanks to the impeccable reputation and a dynamic sales growth.

2003 – We enter the international market. We signed the Contract to export our brake fluids to Greece aside from regular supply of our products to the neighboring countries.

2006 – We commissioned automatic filling lines that enabled us both to increase production volume and capacity and put under computerized control the manufacturing and filling processes.

2007 – Successful audit of the Company Quality Management System resulted in ISO 9001:2000 international certificate. The Company also received Certificate of compliance with the national standards DSTU ISO 9001-2001.

2010 – VAMP Ltd was reorganized to Limited Liability Company Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant.

2011 – Export of our production to other countries of the world became the top-priority direction of our business development.

2012 – After successful certification audit International Certification Body QSCert issued the Certificate to prove that Cherkassy Autochemistry Plant Ltd developed and implemented corporate Quality Management System it in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008.