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Private Labels

PRIVATE LABEL is one of the most important directions of our business activity. We look
forward to the cooperation with the companies looking for private labeled
antifreezes/coolants, brake fluids, windshield cleaners, engine oils and lubricants.

Our factory specializes in antifreezes, so we can offer various products with different
freezing points, different properties and manufactured in accordance with different
formulations. We offer both production with standard service life (2 years) as well as with
the extended service life (up to 5 years or 250 000 km run).
DOT-3 and DOT-4 brake fluids offered by our company are high temperature products for
the vehicles of all types. Our brake fluids are recommended for temperature range from
-50 °C to +50 °C. Their fluidity is specially designed for anti-locking brake systems (ABS).
We offer several formulations of DOT-3 and DOT-4 including formulations for warm and
cold climate with the same temperatures but different viscosity grades.
Engine oils offered by our company are made from high-quality base oils mixed with the
newest additives that enable achieving excellent engine run both at high temperatures and
at the cold start. We offer synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils as well as
flushing oils and transmission oils for both manual and automatic transmission.

We offer to our Private Label Customers FULL PRODUCTION CYCLE:
 label designing
 manufacturing of the packaging of the desired shapes and colors
 development and blending bulk products in accordance with their requirements
 development of individual formulations using high-quality components and high-end technology
 packaging of the Goods.