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Flush oil VAMP

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• removal from the internal surfaces of slag, resins and lacquer deposits
• selective method of cleaning
• flushing of diesel and gasoline engines without disassembling

Vamp mineral  Flush oil has viscosity class SAE 10. Flush oil contains the detergent additives and is recommended for washing of petrol and diesel engines without their overhauling when motor oil is changed. The oil has selective treatment method, and is notable for low viscosity , high oxidation and thermal stability . The product  carefully cleans the internal surfaces of the engine from slag, resins, and lacquer deposits, removes the deposits left by waste oil. Mineral flush oil ia an integral part of the motor oil change technology in any and all engines. To be applied both when changing motor oil and when switching to the other motor oil type.

Packing: 3L, 4L, 20L, 30L, 200L